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Our Philosophy

They say kids learn best through play and we know it's the same for adults.  We have learned and experienced awe-inspiring techniques to create a levity and joy out of most ALL circumstances.  These techniques flip the experience of this life from stress and anxiety into something truly magical and awe-inspiring.  


Our mission is to provide you with high quality, FUN and incredibly expanding local gatherings (yes, that community you've been asking for is here!), retreats and events where all perspectives, spiritual beliefs and levels of inquiry are welcomed and explored.  Everyone plays nice in our sandbox!  Our team is full of entertaining and fluid instructors and guides whose mission it is not just to speak at you with their own ideas but to help you find YOUR strength and innate ability to handle ALL things and be truly free.  Each retreat is different and we have many personalities who work with us so try them all!  Nobody leaves the same after one of our retreats- you owe it to yourself to figure out why you are here!

Night Skies
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