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Knock Knock, Who's There?



June 2023 on the stunning sugar sand beaches of Anna Maria Island, FL


Life is a playful experience...

Have you experienced life as a Divine dramatic comedy?  Can you see the magic unfold before your eyes using all different types of situations to help you grow closer to that moving, divine presence within you?  What if you could "shut up" :) for a second to allow the magic and all that is available inside of you to actually awaken?   ...


The theme of this retreat has two aspects...

A knock knock joke is a simple way to have a little fun, a light hearted laugh.  The joke doesn't have much effect though if nobody answers the door to find out "Who's there?".  We are going to find that knocking within and answer the door by committing ourselves to going deeper and quieting the mind to find that door.  Once we get to that door, we are actually going to answer it and OPEN IT.  

You won't believe what enters when you do! 

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Actual retreat participant feeling IT at one of our  NC retreats! Don't you want to feel like this?!

Your Investment WITHIN Yourself Includes:

  • 5 day, 4 night stay near the beautiful beaches of Anna Maria Island, FL (easy access from Tampa or Fort Myers)

  • Fresh, delicious and healthy meals and snacks prepared with love by on-site personal chef

  • Your choice of luxury single, double or bunking rooms with private or shared bath

  • Intimate group and guided discussions and meditations to truly dive into where YOU are and how YOU can go deep inside to find connection to all that is

  • One-on-one experiences with personal attention sure to transform your life

  • Unique, POWERFUL and easy forms of meditation that you likely haven't before tried

  • Daily optional activities and fun including: yoga and other movement, meditations, beach, park and in-town exploration, movie nights with popcorn and fun spiritual discussions, your own channeling via writing/typing or verbal means, astral traveling discussion, games and more

  • Beautiful, lasting friendships and full-time support resources for continuing your exploration post-retreat

  • Optional additional services such as massage, healings, and more!

Imagine yourself in these luxurious digs and surroundings!

(This is a taste of what is to come,  actual rooms may vary)

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We have a slew of frequently asked questions that may give you more of an idea of what your experience will entail so please take a click below or shoot us an email and we are happy to offer more detail.  We can promise you this: we specialize in assisting people in ALL backgrounds and beliefs from strong or no religious beliefs to friends with past traumas to people who just feel bored and stagnant and long for a seemingly impossible satisfaction with life.  These teachings and methods can help EVERYONE and we have a way to reach you if you are open no matter where you are.  We will meet you there!

Business People Applauding
Jumping into the Water

You are ready- LET'S DO THIS!

Take the leap of faith and commit to yourself now!  Submit your reservation to attend our "Knock, Knock, Who's There" retreat here. You can't even start to imagine the laughter and change that is about to ensue- congrats on making the plunge into your most fun and outrageous life experience!


You can also send any questions you have, and a member of our Quantum Sandbox team will reach out to you ASAP!  

Need more info? No prob, keep scrolling... 


She walks the walk and is beyond dedicated to your full experience...

Meet Leah Paige

Leah was focused on doing everything "right" from childhood- good grades, high paying, prestigious jobs, started businesses, got married, had a bunch of kids, got the house and started running the PTO.  So why the heck wasn't she happy?  She was working at a top law firm making plenty of money but wasn't motivated to live life.  She was then graced with Lyme Disease which brought her to her knees.  On top of marriage, health and now money problems, the anxiety she suffered was so miserable that she was begging for death in the night regardless of her (then) five beautiful children.

Leah was desperate and asked a fabulous psychologist for options.  Leah was selected for (guided toward) a clinical trial for a breathing machine that had her watching her breath twice a day for 20 minutes at a time.  Within days, her physical symptoms from the Lyme disappeared and her anxiety was gone.  She was consumed with learning how simply watching her breath changed her whole existence from melancholy and scared to pure bliss.  

Leah abandoned all else and took time to travel the world listening to and working with the smartest minds of today.  She worked with quantum physicists, healers and spiritual leaders alike.  She read many of the leading spiritual and scientific texts and started developing her own connection to an innate collective consciousness that began to flow through her during her own teachings.  Her ability to tie together the concepts from dozens of authorities with her own channeling provides a deep access to one's own innate connection to the same that can literally set everyone free. She saw the results in each of her personal clients as they continued to make changes in their own lives and how that, in turn, affected how those clients interacted with others.  Her passion was born.

Leah does not prepare her talks for these retreats.  She meets the group and the message that is most relevant is presented for group discussion and individual whittling into one's own belief system.  When you work with Leah, the examples and teachings are ever changing making each time a unique experience.  You will have the ability to ask the questions of your own circumstance and receive guided thoughts and returned questions to help you develop your own answers.  Leah's goal is to help each person stand confident in their own ability to live this life in complete peace and confidence (and HILARITY) so the focus on this time here is on enjoyment of each and every experience. It's how she lives her life and her deep desire is to ignite that fire wherever she can so we can all create the heaven on earth she firmly believes is not only possible, but our natural state.  

How Much is it Worth to Change Your Life For Good?
Barefeet on Sand

It's Worth This Much:
(non-refundable payment plans are available after initial $500 deposit- let's get you there!)

Private Rooms

(single/double occupancy rates):

with Private Bath
$2,799 / 

with Shared Bath
$2,399 / $1,899

Shared Rooms

Bunk Rooms

(private bed/
shared bed rates):

$1,499 / $1,299

Any Available Bed (could be bunk or trundle- I don't care where I sleep, I just want to be there!)

(private bed/shared bed rates):

$1,899 / $1,499



Don't take our word for it.  Check out the feedback from actual previous attendees:

Wavy Circles

"I had no idea how much this remarkable woman [Leah] would change my life forever. Judgment is not in her vocabulary. She is an educator of the soul; a woman beyond space and time.  I'm happier now than I've ever been. Miracles come with names and hers is Leah."  - Shirley N. (Author)

Let's do this. You deserve it!

Submit Your Reservation Request or Questions Here Now!

One of our friendly event coordinators will be in touch with you within 24 hours!  We look forward to hearing from you soon!

We will reach out to you soon! We can't wait to play with you!

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