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Combining relaxation and stunning views with playful life-changing experiences is our passion!

Barefeet on Sand
Barefeet on Sand

"Knock Knock..."
Intro to Channeling Retreat Experience

Coming June 2023 on the Gulf Coast in Florida, USA


You have the ability to reach Divine, unlimited and HILARIOUS guidance right within your own heart.  There are ways to hear and feel your own messages and be more aware in each and every experience in your life.  Learn to feel how you are never alone and take away the fear as you move through life in confidence and usually with a lot of laughter and appreciation for all life's beauty.  Learn to channel internally and through your outward images in life.  Join us for a VERY special experience that will change how you view life forever...and make good friends and eat good food and enjoy the beach for a while.  I mean, what not to love?!  Sign up now, these retreats are kept intimate and will sell out!


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