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Your Retreat Team

Your leadership team is dedicated to giving you the most beneficial and enjoyable experience possible. Each team is specially assembled for the objectives of your retreat experience.  We cannot wait for the opportunity to grow with you and take care of you! Scroll below to meet your team for the "From the Beginning of Now" Sundance, Fall 2022 Retreat (insert flashing lights and drum rolls with fun sporty music for this fabulous lineup!): 

Leah Paige


Leah was focused on doing everything "right" from childhood- good grades, high paying, prestigious jobs, started businesses, got married, had a bunch of kids, got the house and started running the PTO.  So why the heck wasn't she happy?  She was working at a top law firm making plenty of money but wasn't motivated to live life.  She was then graced with Lyme Disease which brought her to her knees.  On top of marriage, health and now money problems, the anxiety she suffered was so miserable that she was begging for death in the night regardless of her (then) five beautiful children.

Leah was desperate and asked a fabulous psychologist for options.  Leah was selected for (guided toward) a clinical trial for a breathing machine that had her watching her breath twice a day for 20 minutes at a time.  Within days, her physical symptoms from the Lyme disappeared and her anxiety was gone.  She was consumed with learning how simply watching her breath changed her whole existence from melancholy and scared to pure bliss.  

Leah abandoned all else and took time to travel the world listening to and working with the smartest minds of today.  She worked with quantum physicists, healers and spiritual leaders alike.  She read many of the leading spiritual and scientific texts and started developing her own connection to an innate collective consciousness that began to flow through her during her own teachings.  Her ability to tie together the concepts from dozens of authorities with her own channeling provides a deep access to one's own innate connection to the same that can literally set everyone free. She saw the results in each of her personal clients as they continued to make changes in their own lives and how that, in turn, affected how those clients interacted with others.  Her passion was born.

Leah does not prepare her talks for these retreats.  She meets the group and the message that is most relevant is presented for group discussion and individual whittling into one's own belief system.  When you work with Leah, the examples and teachings are ever changing making each time a unique experience.  You will have the ability to ask the questions of your own circumstance and receive guided thoughts and returned questions to help you develop your own answers.  Leah's goal is to help each person stand confident in their own ability to live this life in complete peace and confidence (and HILARITY) so the focus on this time here is on enjoyment of each and every experience. It's how she lives her life and her deep desire is to ignite that fire wherever she can so we can all create the heaven on earth she firmly believes is not only possible, but our natural state.  

Lisa Bessler

Lisa has found that surrendering the direction of her life has brought her a flow and movement in her life story that holds continual awe and delight. She is the model for following your passion and going with the flow and expresses that ease of life within her ability to bring art to all aspects of life.  Her focus within our retreats is to tease out that innate creativity that adults tend to lie dormant within themselves to allow for a renewed sense of joy and freedom in each person's expression of who they are.  Lisa will lead activities such as dance, art, yoga, hiking and more to gently move us all into the enjoyable flow of life.

lisa bessler.png

Tibeshara Mugarula


Tibe comes to us from a rich background of experiencing the deepest aspects life has to offer.  From a tumultuous childhood and relationship with the church to finding herself deep in an addiction with heroine and meth and the accompanying marital and financial problems, she was on her knees asking for Divine guidance.  Immediately after that request, she was arrested and thrown in jail... and with that her prayers were answered.

Tibe "got clean" and started attending recovery meetings where she reconnected to her own strength and confidence in life itself and the available support we have here. She changed every aspect of her manner of thinking and started using her voice to help others do the same.  She now lives in devotion to her own Spirit and is completely approachable and available for anyone she can help.  Tibe is a beautiful open book with one desire: to serve anyone she can by providing a support system as they consider the tough choices in life.  She is a staunch advocate for inner peace and following one's joy and is a general light to any room (not to mention her chanting and singing cause many a tear during meditation times)!  We are so grateful to have Tibe along with us for this ride- she is an inspiration to all who meet her!

Dixie and Norwood

Dixie and Norwood provide soul nourishing food to all our guests.  They worked with Quantum Sandbox on one of our first retreats in North Carolina, where they reside, and, as is typical for our retreats, fell in love with the group and all that we do.  They now travel around the country (and soon world!) with us cooking up delicious, thoughtful and healthy dishes to make our events even more special.  They always make sure we have plenty of snacks and refreshments throughout the day but they are also here to deliver and accept smiles and hugs as they get to know each of you.  They put their hearts into all they do and you will surely feel well taken care of as you experience their southern hospitality!

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