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That "time" comes when we feel the desire to reach for a renewed version of ourselves. Maybe we need to unplug and meditate?  Find a way to deal with stress and anxiety?  Learn a new healing practice? Explore theories of inter-dimensionality of existence?  The Quantum Sandbox team specializes in finding you the leading experiences for all these and more!  Check through our site for the top events happening around the globe, find the one that suits your desires and let's FLY, dear friend. 

You deserve to treat yourself to some playful exploration and up-leveling and we're here to help!

Featured Experience:

Knock Knock, Who's There?

On the Picturesque Beaches of Anna Maria Island, Florida
April 16-20, 2023

Join an intimate group of new friends in learning to experience the connection and guidance that is right inside of your own heart on the beautiful beaches of western Florida!

This is a partially silent retreat!  Spend the first day and a half learning how to go inward to find and listen to the messages that are right inside of you.  This guidance is available to us always and you will truly discover how you are never alone and can find all the answers you have ever desired!


Those first days will be spent learning to lower your brainwaves to quiet the world around you so you may truly hear.  The next day and a half will be spent in your own silence- no speaking!  You will be monitoring your own mind and practicing letting go of the chatter and focusing on what is there for you to live at your highest while likely receiving some surprising direction!  


We will spend time on beaches and within parks and even in busy city areas working with all that this beautiful world has to offer us without making judgement or truly interacting, just observing and flowing with (even becoming one with) what is happening around us.  You can experience a peace in this world that is beyond your imagination when we become part of the flow itself and carry that skill back to your "regular" life.


The final day and a half will be in discussion of our experience and deepening our understanding of ourselves together.  Meditation and beach, play and relax times allow us to soak in the joy we experienced while silentComing out of the silence and into a new appreciation and handling of the world will be our great reward!

Spots always fill fast so book your space now to enjoy this revolutionary way to get to know yourself and that spirit inside of you that has been waiting for you to open the door!


They say kids learn best through play and we think it's the same for adults.  We have learned and experienced awe-inspiring techniques to create a levity and joy out of most ALL circumstances...


Please note that not all leaders are at every event.  Please check the details of your specific event for a listing of leadership attendance.

Leah Paige

After healing her own  illnesses and crippling anxiety, Leah traveled the world in deep study of the science and magic that helped her heal herself mentally and physically to the point of experiencing a joy she hadn't known was possible.  In this process, she developed a quick witted ability to access a conscious, collective insight that surprises  (and amuses) even her.   Leah knows everyone has access to this intelligence (even you!) and both science and spirituality have told us this since the beginning of time. She has a passion for serving as many people as she can in helping them find their own indwelling peace, power and joy.  Leah provides a mix of knowledge and study with channeled specific messaging pertinent to her current audience.  She remains flexible for all viewpoints while specializing in providing perspective and insight along with research and humor for a truly transformational experience for all in attendance. 

Guided Channel and Inner Peace Fanatic


Many in our team write blogs for you to chew on and enjoy between events.  Check out a few of the latest deep-ish thoughts here (and be sure to subscribe so you don't miss out on new content!): 

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